Bingo for Real Money Online

Amongst real money casino games, online Bingo is one of those real money games that can give you a whole change of pace. Unlike all those casino table games offered by online casinos, Bingo does not require any kind of strategizing, nor does it require an extensive outlay of money to enjoy the game. Real money Bingo, despite the fact that it moves fast, is a nice way to relax with online gambling.

The Simple Rules of Play for Online Bingo for Real Money

The tools for Bingo at online casinos are: a board showing five vertical and five horizontal columns with the vertical columns headed by the letters B-I-N-G-O; individual Bingo cards with the same vertical and horizontal columns. The columns on the Bingo cards are filled with randomly selected numbers as follows:

-B column from 1 to 15

-I column from 16 to 30

-N column from 31 to 45 with the center space blank as a joker

-G column from 46 to 60

-O column from 61 to 75

Then there is the Bingo blower at online casinos this is generally a clear drum containing the 75 numbered balls which are spun and randomly blown out and called by a Bingo caller. As each number is called, the player searches his Bingo card or cards and clicks on it (marks it) if he has a match.

Winning patterns in real money Bingo are determined by the online casinos themselves. Winning patterns can be: a line of 5 numbers in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row; 4 corner numbers; a full card completed (awards the biggest prize or jackpot). The first player to complete a winning pattern shouts out Bingo.

Playing Real Money Bingo at Online Casinos

Most Bingo sites at online casinos will allow you to purchase three or four Bingo cards for each game. However there are some online casinos that will also allow you to purchase as many cards as you think you can handle. As in all real money casino games, the pace of online real money Bingo is very fast. The balls are blown quickly and called quickly so that you have to be able to check all your Bingo cards very quickly. Some Bingo sites will allow you to change your cards before the game starts if you don't like the look of the numbers.

The more cards you purchase, the greater your chances of winning the Bingo prize or jackpot which is, of course, the purpose of playing real money casino games.